Poetry of the earth - Gedicht der Erde

a project of photography, sound and poetry

interpreting the poetry of well known poets as Pablo Neruda with his "Canto General", Rilke never ending journeys through Europe, Jack Kerouak with "On the Road" with my camera the landscape, the people which have given birth of this poetry

searching the contemporary poets with my camera and asking them to interpret their poetry in their environment


 "Plötzliches Fortgehen; Draußensein im Grauen mit Augen, eingeschmolzen, heiß und weich, und nun in das was ist hinauszuschauen –: O nein, das alles ist ja ein Vergleich." (Rilke)


Currently, I am about to start with the first point of my Italian journey in Venice - exploring the footsteps of Rilke and discovering contemporenean poets in the town 


soon more to come

Greece - two poetic views


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